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A List of Questions We Get Asked Frequently Can Be Found Here

Worried about what we do to the junk we take? Well, it is only normal for any customer or interested person to know more about the service they are thinking about getting before actually availing of it. We believe it is always our duty to make sure our clients know exactly what they are going to get when they hire us for junk removal. Below is a list of questions we have been asked before. Perhaps you will be able to ease your mind better after reading them.

How much do your services cost?

This is a case to case basis. It will heavily depend on how much junk you have at home. This will affect the number of people we would need in the team and the size of the vehicle we will use. If you have a lot of junk, chances are the costs will be more compared to someone who needs a minor junk collection service.

Will you throw all the junk away?

That will depend. Most junk, especially appliances and cars, can be sold for their parts in Staten Island, NY. If you want to discuss more it, feel free to talk to us on the phone.

Do I have to do any heavy lifting myself?

No. Y&N Hauling Junk Removal exists to give our client’s the convenience they deserve. We know that most of the junk being thrown out is heavy so we come prepared with the right crew and enough manpower so our clients will not have to lift a single finger.

How do I pay you for removing the junk in my home?

As of the moment, Y&N Hauling Junk Removal only accepts cash.

Do you also clean up or throw away junk from a construction?

Yes. We offer debris removal services along with our minor demolition and post-construction cleanup services.

What are your office hours?

Our residential and commercial junk removal services are available from Monday to Friday from 8 am in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Call us to book an appointment.

Do I have to prepare anything before you arrive?

Just make sure you know which junk you would want to be removed. You also need to allow us to have access to different parts of your property in Staten Island, NY, depending on where the junk is located so that we may do the heavy lifting of bringing them to our truck.

Do you offer other services?

As one of the reputable junk removal companies, we are also known for our other services that may seem unconnected to our line of work. This includes stump grinding.

Book our junk removal and hauling services today by giving us a call! We know how difficult it can be to throw stuff away that you have kept for so long but you will soon realize how freeing and wonderful it is to do so. You can reach us at (347) 336-3224 to know more about it or to book a service today!

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